Ways To Practice Body Positivity

ways to practice body positivity

Although society has come a long way in accepting big, beautiful women, we still have a long way to go. 

It can be challenging to practice body positivity when the world can be cruel, but these tips can instantly help you learn how to practice body positivity.

The Benefits Of Body Positivity

We all know that we should feel good about ourselves, but did you know that several benefits come with that? 

Feeling great about yourself can instantly help you enjoy life and make your life more enjoyable. 

When you feel great, it shows. Everyone around you sees your confidence. 

Men prefer women that have confidence. Employers are more likely to hire you. You’re more likely to find yourself living the life after your dreams because you’ll have the confidence to chase after your goals. 

According to this study, body positivity can lead to better health overall. 

If you’re struggling with high blood pressure or depression, thinking better can lead to feeling better. 

When people are negative, it slowly leads to mental illness, which then turns into physical illness. 

Start thinking happier to feel better!

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Be A Positive Role Model For Others

When you’re struggling with body positivity, sending a positive message to other people can be difficult. 

Instead of spreading positivity, you find yourself full of negativity and judgment. 

Imagine, instead of that, you were showing other people how to love themselves? You would be a fantastic role model for other plus-size women

If you’re a mother, you will be teaching your daughter or son a lot about self-love. 

The media shames people that don’t look like models daily. While it’s important that the media start to make an effort to include everyone, it’s equally important that women of all sizes stand together to encourage other women to love themselves. 

This is a powerful message that other women and our children need to hear. They need to listen to it, and they need to see it. Being able to deliver that message starts with loving yourself. 

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Make A Healthy Body Image A Goal

Having a healthy body image means that you are comfortable in your skin. To practice body positivity, you need to make it a personal goal to have a healthy body image. 


Remind Yourself That Being Healthy Is Important

According to my BMI, I am obese. However, I’m incredibly healthy. We may not be a size 4, but that’s okay as long as we’re healthy. Focusing on being healthy is more important than focusing on a number on the scale. 


Men Love Women Of All Sizes

One of the most common myths surrounding weight is that people prefer skinny people. 

This could not be further from the truth. While some men prefer skinny women, there are just as many that prefer curvy women


Positive Affirmations

One of the most effective ways to boost your self-esteem, and practice body positivity, is to remind yourself daily that you are a BBW.

Ways that you can give yourself positive affirmations include: 

  • Leaving positive affirmations on sticky notes around the house
  • Telling yourself positive affirmations while looking in the mirror
  • Keeping a positive affirmation journal
  • Set reminders on your phone that have positive affirmations
  • Practice a daily positive affirmation routine

Be patient. Positive affirmations are effective, but this takes time. 


Compliment Other People

It’s hard to see the good in other people when we are busy looking down on ourselves. 

Practice appreciating other people instead of comparing yourself to them. Give your friends, family members, and strangers compliments. 


Limit Social Media

The more time you spend on social media, the more likely you are to develop a negative body image. Instead, focus on being positive by limiting social media. 


Surround Yourself With Positivity

It can be challenging to have a positive body image when you’re bombarded with negativity. 

Spend more time with positive friends and less with people that are critical or judgemental. 

Avoid television shows and places that don’t make you feel good about yourself. 


Remind Yourself How Wonderful You Are

You’re more than just your waistline. While it can be easy to focus on that, this doesn’t do a single thing for your self-worth. 

Hype yourself up. Tell yourself everything wonderful about yourself, such as how funny, friendly, intelligent, etc., you are. 


Counteract Negativity

When you start to feel negative, practice positive affirmations again. As you continue to do this, your thinking will slowly become more positive. 


Talk To Yourself Like You Would A Stranger

You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and call them fat, so you shouldn’t do that to yourself. 

When you treat yourself how you treat other people, you’ll find that you’re much nicer to yourself. 


Take Pride In Your Appearance

As negativity seeps into your life, it’s easy to quit caring. It makes it easy to wear sweatpants. 

However, this can lead to depression and make you feel worse. Instead, dress up in something that makes you feel confident every day. 


Sit Up Straight

Slouching can send the impression that you lack confidence. 

Instead, act like you feel great about yourself. This will help you actually feel better!


Pamper Yourself 

Get a pedicure. Schedule a manicure. Run yourself a bubble bath. When you treat yourself with love, you start to love yourself more. 


Wear What You Want

We’ve all heard that people with body fat shouldn’t wear shorts or bikinis, just to name a few. 

Forget all of those fashion rules. Wear what you want and what you like. Stop letting other people dictate what is in your wardrobe. 


Ignore The Diet Industry

The diet industry makes millions of dollars a year. They live off of you not liking your body and wanting to change it. 

Don’t let them tell you anything- it’s just to make a profit. 

Not to say that you shouldn’t try to live a healthy lifestyle and cut out certain foods.

In Conclusion

Practicing body positivity regularly will slowly help you realize that you are amazing. 

Your worth isn’t determined by what size you wear. You shouldn’t fit the clothing; instead, the clothing should fit you. 

The problem does not lie with you; it lies with the industries that profit from you feeling bad about yourself. 

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