Ways to Feel Better on Social Media

ways to feel better on social media

If you feel like going on social media sometimes adds more trauma and drama to your day, you are not alone. 

Body image plays a significant role in this. Body image is one reason people go to social media and why people stay away from it, particularly women. 

It is estimated that approximately 88 percent of girls make comparisons about themselves on social media, and half feel worse about themselves after they do. You are not alone. 

Big, beautiful women are stigmatized even more than the average girl.

Loving yourself more is the way to overcoming that. 

When you have that inner confidence because you love who you are, social media is not the enemy. 

Use these four ways to feel better on social media, and you’ll learn to love it again when you love you again.

Follow What Makes You Happy

Following what makes you happy is about finding that buzz and flow of excitement when you see something you enjoy on social media. 

That is why it was invented. Social media is our way to connect with the world and explore it in ways that we never would be able to without it.

You learn about new foods, want to try new recipes even, meet people you would never meet at the coffee shop on your lunch break, and you learn more about yourself. 

Unfortunately, we often forget that’s why we are there and get trapped on social media following or paying attention to the wrong thing.

We look at what seems happy instead of what makes us happy. For women, this could ruin the day. 

Follow the things that inspire you that make you feel good about who you are, not the things or people that remind you of the things you don’t like about yourself. 

Feeling good is going to help you love yourself more. It just will come naturally. 

  • Be inspired by people and pages that promote loving yourself.
  • Turf the followers, fans, and so-called friends that always have something negative to say.
  • Be who you want to be and not what you think you should be.

Use social media as your voice of happy thoughts again. That’s loving yourself. Stay away from anything that does not give you pure joy.

Accept Happy Followers 

It is as essential to accept happy followers as it is to stay away from those who aren’t so great. 

There’s nothing wrong with primping and taking selfies and enjoying your social media life as often as you can; that is what it is there for. 

But it makes it that much more challenging to love yourself when you are worried about what your followers or friends will think of you.

They are supposed to be friends that love you. They aren’t supposed to be people that are awful to you or that you worry about when you post a selfie. 

Post as many as you can. Do your hair and makeup and wear that pretty outfit you want to show off. Post it. 

Don’t allow followers into the fold that you will worry about when you post it. You deserve unconditional love and support as much as anybody in the world. 

You send that message when you only allow positive people into your life and your social media world. 

Don’t Compare

It’s human nature to compare yourself to someone else, anywhere, anytime. 

At work, we think we aren’t good enough; at home, we think other families are doing it better, and the entire world looks perfect on social media. 

It isn’t perfect, and comparing yourself to anyone else is a serious buzz kill on your self-esteem.

Love yourself enough to know that you are the best you can be, regardless of what anyone else looks like or seems like. 

The pictures on social media are fashioned to look perfect, but you don’t know how they got that way. 

Don’t compare yourself to those on social media. And remember, chances are, others are doing the same thing with your gorgeous posts too. 

It’s impossible to love yourself the way you deserve when you love others more, and that’s what comparing yourself to others does to you. 

There’s a story of an associate designer who would delete photos of herself on Facebook if she didn’t get enough likes on it. 

She had an eating disorder. That’s a tragedy that this would happen to anybody. Don’t let it happen to you either. 

Love who you are. When you do, the likes will follow because you’ve already been selective on who you will and won’t allow around you. 

Embrace the Glam Squad Perspective

The simple reality about beauty on social media is that not much is real. 

The everyday people that are posting use enhancements on their cameras, shadows, and lighting to appear as perfection to the world. 

So do you, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t hate yourself because you don’t have flawlessly toned skin.

Most people don’t. Even the Kardashians are accused of airbrushing and painting themselves into perfection before showing themselves online. 

That’s the reality of social media. That it’s not that real sometimes, embrace the truth behind the glam squad perspective, and you won’t hate yourself as much. 

You could spend the rest of your life trying to get their flawless skin that doesn’t even exist. 

Love You More

These four simple social media tips seem to make too much sense when you look at them, but they are very easy to forget when you are sad on social media. 

Be around positive people and things online, and don’t accept anything else. 

Please don’t compare yourself to others because they are probably doing the same thing with you, with envy. 

And lastly, be careful what you consider to be true beauty. 

It may be a glam squad selling a photo to a corporate brand in disguise. Love you more, and social media will be fun again.

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