Where did BBW come from?

Carole Shaw coined the term BBW in 1979 for the launch of her new magazine. Back in those days, plus-size models did not exist yet. 

Although the first model agency specialized in plus-size models started in 1977, fat was still a big no-no in the fashion industry. 

So, Carole Shaw became a publisher and editor to support the plus-size women’s voice.

Today, the BBWMagazine is still online. But the staff is more active on their Facebook page.

Is BBW appropriate?

At this point, the term BBW has a positive connotation. So, it should not register as an insult. After all, the words describe a woman with a voluptuous body.

The only way a woman could get offended by it is because of a misinterpretation.

For instance, a woman could believe that being plump equals being obese.

As with any hot topic, fat acceptance still stirs some crowds in the wrong way.

So, the meaning of the words “Big Beautiful Women” could soon change. Be sure to come back here from time to time for new updates.

When did it start to mean Big Beautiful Women?

While the original term did never change, the Internet spread the words “Big Beautiful Women” in all different places.

The fascination towards corpulence dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome. So, it should not surprise that several male fat admirers still walk the Earth. 

Some men will always be happy to date a woman that is bigger than them.

Today, BBW is a common term in use in different contexts. The fat acceptance movement uses both the acronym and the words big beautiful women. 

Besides, you can find the hashtag BBW on Instagram (at this moment, more than 7 million posts pop up) and other social media.

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