How Do Plus-Size Models Have Flat Stomach

how do plus size models have flat stomach

When some people think of plus size models, they assume the models are insanely overweight and unhealthy. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While they are bigger women, plus-size models take care of themselves and are generally pretty healthy. 

Their dedication to maintaining their health and well-being is what gives them their flat tummy. 

They love showing off all their curves in all the right places! To keep the curves in their hips and breast areas, plus-size models eat well and exercise regularly.

Plus Size Models Take Pride In Their Diets

Dieting is an important method for anyone trying to lose weight. Yet, dieting can also be a critical tool in maintaining a certain body image as well. 

Plus-size models follow a routine diet but these diets aren’t depriving them of eating well. 

Their diets encourage them to make healthy food choices that in turn can aid in burning belly fat. Of course, as with any diet, following up with exercise is necessary. 

But the truth is in the pudding so speak and plus-size models keep their flat stomachs and thick thighs and breasts by eating right. 

Meal Prepping Is An Essential Task 

Meal prepping has become super trendy in recent years. It is popular among all walks of life due to its simplicity and time-saving characteristics. 

Additionally, meal prepping usually supports healthy food choices. Plus-size models use this trendy dieting tool to help stay fit and active. 

Meal prepping for plus-size models includes adding all the healthy foods they love into ready-to-go meals for the week. 

These foods can include whole grain rice, fatty fish like salmon, eggs, greek yogurt, just to name a few. These foods are not only delicious but aid in burning belly fat which is what plus-size models with flat stomachs need.

They Exercise Their Mid-Sections The Most

Exercise can be a negative word, however, in reality, it is a basic function that all humans need regardless of their weight. 

Exercise keeps the heart pumping and can be quite fun depending on the type of exercise being performed. 

Plus-size models have exercise regimes geared towards keeping a flatter tummy. These exercises include scissor legs, ab bicycles, or even kettlebell reps. 

Countless other routines can keep the mid-section flat but these are just some of the three best examples. 

By working out the mid-section, plus-size models get that gorgeous flatter stomach. Additionally, squats are excellent for keeping thicker thighs!

They Shape Their Mental Well Being Through Body Positivity

Plus-size models work hard to keep themselves in shape. While a large part of that is by eating well and exercise regularly, another factor is their mentality. 

Their ability to have a flatter stomach and curvy thighs and breasts derive from keeping a positive attitude about their body image. 

Having pride in how they look is a secret key for them to stay in shape. Body positivity is formed by having the self-love for oneself despite being a bit thicker. 

Body positivity also means have confidence and being fearless about one’s body image. It is a state of mind that supports people being themselves regardless of what other people might say. 

Bigger women aren’t for everyone and that’s okay, that leaves room for those who are and that positively support thicker women! 

Plus Size Models Practice Consistency 

Consistency is the magic behind almost everything. Plus-size models who have flatter stomachs practice consistency. 

They find comfort and beauty behind staying on track with their goals. This includes keeping a level head and being proud of their thicker bodies. 

At the core, plus-size models are larger women who take care of themselves by being powerhouse athletes, eating right, and being advocates of body positivity and emotional well-being. The key to this is consistency.

They Learn From Their Mistakes

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes but it’s what we learn from them that pushes us forward. Plus-size models learn from their mistakes, which helps them stay on track on with having their flatter stomachs. 

This could be going off track on a diet or exercise routine. We’re all guilty of this but it is critical to not continue with that behavior. 

If a plus-size model strays from her routine, she picks herself up and pushes forward. This isn’t to say that become obsessive over diet or exercise, rather than they give themselves space to make mistakes while encouraging themselves to move past the mistake.

They Aren’t Too Hard On Themselves

It is okay to make mistakes but we can’t be too harsh on ourselves about it. Being too hard on oneself over something isn’t a good approach because it can bring self-esteem down. 

Plus-size models may have flat stomachs because they keep their bodies in shape, but they also have to keep their minds in shape as well. 

They learn from their mistakes and don’t beat themselves up emotionally about it. This helps them keep a healthy sense of self-esteem. 

In turn, it also helps them be the best that they can be. They don’t let anything get them down. Through confidence and self-esteem, they put themselves in a good, healthy frame of mind!


Most model’s photos are photoshop to give her a flawless look that makes her body looks smaller than how it is.

The modeling industry will always give this unrealistic look of a model by editing their photos to make the model “looks perfect.”

Even though plus-size models do work hard to have a flatter stomach, but in the end, photoshop comes into play to make the body look flawless.

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