Eliminate Negative Soundtracks

eliminate negative soundtracks

We all go through our daily lives with negative soundtracks running through our minds, and for many, that happens every moment of the day. 

In this negative soundtrack, we hear all of our worst fears telling us repeatedly that we are an awful, hideous person. 

Sometimes we can mute that noise and have lovely and prosperous days, but sometimes, we can’t. 

For the big beautiful women of the world, this soundtrack can be so loud that it is deafening.

The truth is that much of the volume on this soundtrack is cranked up by the jerks of the world. 

They feed those fears with hatefulness that makes us hate ourselves. You know you are beautiful. 

Maybe you aren’t listening to that soundtrack of your life enough. Eliminate the negativity, and replace it with the mantra that, like a big beautiful woman, you have strength and wisdom that the fear mongers of the world do not. 

Use these four ways to remember how beautiful you are so that you can tell them that every day. 

Love Your Self

Love Your Self

It’s not just a cliché mission statement; it’s a way of life. Love your Self. Love who you are. 

Of course, you want to be styled and gorgeous when you face the world, but that face and that sense of Self is so much more stunning when you feel that beauty from within. 

When you love your Self, you have a sense of self-awareness that others envy. For some, that will fuel fear-mongering; for others, it weakens it.

Love your Self enough to not care what soundtracks people are spinning in your head all day long. 

It won’t matter. You think you’re awesome because you know you’re awesome. Your beauty is coming from within. Try these steps:

  • When a negative thought about you arrives, replace it with a thought that reminds you of something wonderful about yourself.
  • When you hate something about your appearance, compliment yourself somewhere else, and focus on that. And nothing else. 
  • Believe it. Believe that you are beautiful. It works. 

Practice Confidence

Confidence is the sexiest thing that you can put on any day of the week. Every human on the planet struggles with this at least once a day. 

The art of being confident comes with sincerely not caring about what others think of you. 

Those negative soundtracks are going to come whether you want them to or not. 

Don’t put emotion into them, and your back stands a little taller and straighter. 

Try this exercise. Think of all of the big beautiful women that are celebrities. 

You know you already have your favorites. What do you love most about them after their talent? 

They are confident. Model their behaviors and embrace who you are. Repeat their phrases. Tell their jokes. 

Your own jokes will come when you feel their energy and what it feels like just to be yourself, no matter what. 

When the negativity arrives, channel their energy. Smile, no matter what. 

Take some of the pressure off of yourself with this practiced confidence. It’s not fake. It just takes confidence to build more confidence. 

When you stop caring what others think of you, and this takes practice, that burden is lifted. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a moment or two of doubt during the day. 

When that doubt arrives, replace it with these confident sayings, quotes, and jokes that will inspire you to continue walking tall. 

When people smile back, and they will, you’ll remember how beautiful you are.

Don’t Compare

Don’t get caught up in the comparison trap when people try to hurt you or get in your head that you aren’t beautiful because you don’t look like Jennifer Aniston. 

Nobody looks like Jennifer Aniston, that’s why she’s Jennifer Aniston, and we’re not. 

Comparing your life or your beauty with others is the one-hit single towards inadequacy. 

You don’t deserve that. You aren’t inadequate. And you are a beautiful thing to look at. 

Everybody gets uncomfortable or ashamed with who they are and what they look like every single day. 

You just never know when someone is comparing themselves to you and wishing they had your grace and strength. 

Celebrate Your Body Regularly

When you love something regularly and daily, you learn more about yourself as a person and grow as a person. 

You develop a hobby or skill or become better at building relationships. Celebrate yourself more. 

As a big beautiful woman, it’s easy to fall into that trap of hating how this fits, loathing your hair color, or wishing you had gotten that manicure done.

It’s not vain to get those things done. Make the task of celebrating your body regularly a habit, as much as getting your nails done might be. 

When you celebrate your body, you grow as a person. 

When you do it regularly, it becomes a habit that helps you to shine from within. 

There might be things about your body that you can’t change. And maybe you don’t even have to; you want to because you hear this junk in your head. 

So please don’t change it. Celebrate it. Take care of the things about your body that you can change, and you’ll remember how beautiful you are. 

Wear different makeup, put on that blouse with confidence that you’ve been hiding in the back of the closet, get your nails done, so you feel put together at work. 

These are all little celebrations that change your mindset and remind you how beautiful you are.


Smile more. Smile more and mean it. It tells the world you are loving yourself today and brings all of these tips together. 

You’ll feel more confident, stop comparing yourself, and celebrate your beauty every time that you do. 

There’s something about a genuine smile that is both contagious and confident. 

Smile more. It helps you to feel beautiful, and when you feel beautiful, you’ll remember how beautiful you are. 

Smile more, and you’ll remember your beauty more. You know you are beautiful. Don’t let the chorus of fear mongers let you forget that. 

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