Have you ever been called a BBW? You may not even know what it means. BBW is an acronym that is used to describe plus-size women.

Some people may find the term offensive, while others consider it a compliment. So, what’s the verdict?

Is being called a BBW a good or bad thing? Let’s take a closer look.


What does BBW mean

BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women, and this acronym refers to women with a body size above average. Or, at the very least, with a body size that does not fit the standard definition of athletic, slim, or lean and fit.

What is considered a BBW?

What does it take to be considered a BBW–or a Big Beautiful Woman? The requirements vary according to who you ask. Some say if you’re between 160-200 pounds, others say between 200-300 pounds. Being considered a BBW depends on your height, body type, and bone structure.
what weight is considered a bbw

Height is Part of the Consideration

How much you weigh isn’t the only thing when considering whether you are a BBW. 

You might be 200 pounds but are 5 feet ten inches. The primary consideration is your clothing size. 

If you wear up to size 16 clothes, you are most likely just overweight. A true BBW is a size 18 or above. 

bbw weight

BBW is a State of Mind

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not big enough to be a BBW. You don’t need to justify your reasons for calling yourself a BBW. 

Wear the label with pride; the actual consideration for being a Big Beautiful Woman is in your mind and heart! 

Personality is the Key!

The primary consideration for being a BBW is your personality. Being a small size is not always perfect. Nor is its large size. 

The ideal size is what fits your personality. What makes a woman a BBW is her personality. The most significant consideration for a woman to be considered a BBW is her personality. 

If her overall personality is a beautiful outlook on life, then she is considered a BBW. This goes for all races of women as well. 

What some may consider “normal” sized, others considered BBW. People are people, no matter what their size–if their heart is in it, they are good people. 


When considering whether you are a BBW or not, you need to analyze the above items. It doesn’t matter how tall you are or what you weigh. 

What you feel in your heart is the ultimate consideration of being a BBW. 

If you feel you are a BBW, embrace that feeling and love what you have to share with the world! 

Remember, you are worthy of being loved even if society considers you to be a BBW. 

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