What is BBW

More than 40 years have passed since the first use of the term BBW. In the meantime, the Internet and social media happened.

So, new meanings and nuances sprung up. Whether you stumbled upon this acronym or searched for more information on the topic, here is everything you need to know about Big Beautiful Women.


What does BBW mean

BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women. This acronym refers to women with a body size that is above the average. Or, at the very least, with a body size that does not fit into the standard definition of athletic, slim, or lean and fit.

Some people mistake BBW for obese women. But being a Big Beautiful Woman does not mean being obese. On the contrary, you may consider some women as BBW even if they are not overweight. 

The term itself has more to do with the stereotypical body size ideal than with the actual weight.

While there is no standard weight limit for being classified as a BBW, other words may confuse the general public. 

For example, the term “curvy.” Marilyn Monroe was curvy. But she was not a BBW. Here, the confusion stems from an erroneous association between fat and rounded body parts.

Other BBW meaning

BBWBeautiful Black Women
BBWBig Butt Women
BBW Big Black Women
BBW Big Brown Women
BBW Big Breast Woman
BBW Big Bottom Woman
BBW Big Boned Woman
BBW Big Bisexual Woman
BBW Big Brave Women
BBW Big Boss Women
BBW Big Bubbly Women
BBW Big Body Women
BBW Busy Body Women
BBW Big Bold Women
BBW Big Blessing Women
BBWBig Boob Women
thick curvy bbw women

The usage of BBW?

BBW is commonly used to express physical attraction towards women that are above average weight and is usually used to describe thick, plus-size, full-figured, and curvy women.

  • Online dating sites
  • Adult films – often used as a fetish
  • Hip Hop and Rap music
  • Retail store – Bath & Body Works
  • Social media post
  • Weight loss video

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